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Wood carving is a form of woodworking using a cutting tool resulting in a wooden figure or figurine, or the sculptural ornamentation of a wooden object. Wood carving is used to create regular objects, but it can also create art. Here you have some woodcarvers creating all kind of thing. What do you think about them? Do you think you could do it? Leave your answer in the description below.

We hope you enjoy this review of Wood Carving Technics!

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Dark Side
Dark Side Před 3 hodinami
Pls name the woods
Ali Mola
Ali Mola Před 3 hodinami
Laticia Cull
Laticia Cull Před 14 hodinami
Full help with projects on the Woodprix website.
Создатель Před 22 hodinami
Резка по квадратикам- рай для перфекциониста))
「DayDream」 Před 22 hodinami
That knife tho-
ThaT   ONE  GUY   WHO   JusT  ChiLLiN
Curving moments was so satisfying
Isagani Cabrales
Isagani Cabrales Před 2 dny
cuts like butter
Astra Před 2 dny
So satisfyinggggg
E A Před 2 dny
Черти, как так???
Andrean Dika
Andrean Dika Před 3 dny
Udh ada ciptaan kuat yg di akui dunia,namun manusia skrg mempersulit yg sudah ada,bukan membuat sesuatu yg belum ada..
Amit Patel
Amit Patel Před 3 dny
Don't ask me why I disliked the video...
Thre beautifaull!BUT!dont cut trees!cant breath!😓
Top Realm
Top Realm Před 3 dny
As always an amazing video
4n 2earth
4n 2earth Před 3 dny
Excellent content, and the music was a delight!!! Thanks :-)
Tony Před 4 dny
4:28 Abstergo
Rsg Před 4 dny
fvck its just a picture with text not how to make thumbnail joinery, fvckng chanel !!
Вячеслав Дубанов
Видео названо неверно. Это просто столярка. Демонстрация столярных соединений и заточки инструмента.
3d модель от Ивана Васильевича
А де різьблення ?
hendi 8999
hendi 8999 Před 4 dny
jane romnicki
jane romnicki Před 4 dny
just google Woodglut :))
Fico emocionado em ver estás obras de arte. Pois meu Pai fazia assim.
Ryder Creed
Ryder Creed Před 5 dny
I jusr cut my hand to a blade, now its terrifying to even see a blade. 😐
Max Tyson
Max Tyson Před 5 dny
In India in my grandfathers era used to use this technique. Now this knowledge has faded away. Thank to technology in Iron nails.
MaPee1982 Před 21 minutou
@Max Tyson Hey stupid ass, I never said *JUST ONLY 1* indian monk went to Japan. I said the *EARLIEST RECORDED INDIAN MONK* Big difference. Besides, by the time the VERY FIRST Indian monk arrived in Japan, the Japanese had ALREADY erected many structures, using the nailless/wood interlock technique. So common sense says that - explain to me how in the hell these Indian monks "taught" the Japanese dovetail and interlocking woodworking when it was already being used, smartass? Jesus, not only do you need a comprehension course but a also common sense course. Also, since we are speaking about carpentry, Indian monks and Japan, the Shaolin Temple is in China, not Japan. Try to stick your pea-size brain on the same topic.
MaPee1982 Před 27 minutami
@Max Tyson You are fucking delusional dude. So whomever don't agree with your bullshit *HAS* to mean they are either white or Muslim? Great arguing point. That will surely win every argument - "You are automatically wrong because you are either White or Muslim. And because of that, I know for a fact you don't do your research". See how stupid you sound??
Max Tyson
Max Tyson Před 2 dny
@Term in a tor and still you are not accepting. Because you failed. Just accept you failed. I know you will never. Hence we can see who is the real psycho.
Term in a tor
Term in a tor Před 2 dny
@Max Tyson This is my last comment. I request you to please consult a psychiatrist. You need help.
Max Tyson
Max Tyson Před 2 dny
@Term in a tor and you are not stopping amd accepting. So you should consult a psychiatrist.
Gg Chanel
Gg Chanel Před 5 dny
Wow 👍👍👍
Martine Vinet
Martine Vinet Před 5 dny
Superbe travail !!! Merci 🌿🌿🌿
Jim games , king of heaven
Jarome Jacksan
Jarome Jacksan Před 5 dny
Woodglut is a good solution for every woodworker.
Bong Welt
Bong Welt Před 6 dny
Manish Kumar
Manish Kumar Před 6 dny
3:30 butterscotch
Leonardo Bambang
Leonardo Bambang Před 6 dny
Coba kayu jati om
Justin Covert
Justin Covert Před 6 dny
Thank god for trees 🌲 , makes breathing a whole lot better.
Иван Иванов
Молодец! Великолепное владение своими руками и деревом!
Vania Dias
Vania Dias Před 7 dny
Vídeo satisfatório.
Yesmin Hara
Yesmin Hara Před 7 dny
The lush package possibly rush because deodorant hepatosplenomegaly grease than a entertaining space. aberrant, cluttered pet
Tukang sodrek pantura
skuy yang mau liat konten truk oleng parah mampir bosku
Ernest Ellington
Ernest Ellington Před 7 dny
The meek surname pivotally telephone because worm differently sip circa a repulsive cake. complete, smooth fortnight
Wonder Tech HD
Wonder Tech HD Před 7 dny
Very very satisfy to me! thank for sharing!
paralizer hvh
paralizer hvh Před 7 dny
Stop current plants We don't need those table
Evan Jangkung
Evan Jangkung Před 7 dny
Ilmu pantek kayu Jawa kono yg terkikis karena paku ternyata dipraktekkan di jaman modern dan ternyata lebih kuat dan awet
CH-TV Entertainment
Wow amazing 😍💖
Fardeen Ansari
Fardeen Ansari Před 7 dny
Hain bhai bolo ye kase ho sakta he
Tengsiz Talant TV
Tengsiz Talant TV Před 8 dny
CScamerada "SHAHRISABZDA ,,YOSHLIK FESTIVALI‘‘ bo‘lib o‘tdi.." videosini albatta ko‘ring! Chinakam Milliyligimiz aks etgan Katta Festival.. cscamera.info/market/qILeqL2oraept3o/video
Supreme Verdict
Supreme Verdict Před 8 dny
Soo this is Wood Style Jutsu IRL
ulya ulya
ulya ulya Před 8 dny
Люблю смотреть как другие работают))
Matt Bale
Matt Bale Před 8 dny
Nice !
Ana Ramirez
Ana Ramirez Před 8 dny
Debo afilar mi formon..
شفيق شكيب الاغبري
مقاطع لا يمكن أن تمل من مشاهدتها ابدآ
Shadow Comic
Shadow Comic Před 8 dny
This is so exact, great job 👏👏👏
Misteri_Us Citty
Misteri_Us Citty Před 9 dny
👍👍👍👍Just Wow...😃😃😃 No other words
Khaja Mukarram ali 9 -B
Chunu chille ke bata toh subscribe karthu
Khaja Mukarram ali 9 -B
Aade sale theri tho
Shann Před 9 dny
Nice thumbnail
陈顺 Před 9 dny
Wao! Wonderful.
Asrul Fadzli
Asrul Fadzli Před 9 dny
No nails involved in making this video
VALERA Před 9 dny
Залипательное видео.
kang putra
kang putra Před 9 dny
Gurih banget ngeliatnya,giliran nyoba sendiri duh capeknya 😂
Anivan Alif
Anivan Alif Před 6 dny
kayu sana empuk2, kayu sini keras2
Гюстав Эйфель
Ничего гениального
Marian Buduroi
Marian Buduroi Před 9 dny
if this is not satisfying? I don't know what it is
Andrew Sed_upListen
Nikhil Kedia
Nikhil Kedia Před 10 dny
Click bait op 👍
Samsul Arifin
Samsul Arifin Před 10 dny
Sangat kreatif sekali👍👍
Fernando Rufino
Fernando Rufino Před 10 dny
Qual é o aço destes formoés? Corta a madeira como se foce manteiga.
Ardani Tv
Ardani Tv Před 11 dny
hien tke
hien tke Před 11 dny
1:10 cây dao 🔪🔪🔪 thật tuyệt
Ka Phạm Vlogs
Ka Phạm Vlogs Před 11 dny
Xem đã mắt thật 😁
Shannan Schisler
Shannan Schisler Před 11 dny
Great to see it. I did it too. The plans from Woodglut helped me a lot :)
Abhi Kunder
Abhi Kunder Před 11 dny
Corona medicine cscamera.info/market/ppDMhdCgfqbSq3o/video
Joy irarum
Joy irarum Před 11 dny
What are the name of woods that easy to craving .easy to chopped???
Howard Swing
Howard Swing Před 11 dny
What's to say these joints weren't make with a CNC machine if that the case then what's the big deal. Not hand crafted👎👎
Marcfx Před 11 dny
Nothing sweeter than the sound of wood being cut by very sharp tools…..love it
meganC Před 11 dny
Hi hate this but I love it
Omar Opqhe
Omar Opqhe Před 11 dny
Thank you I loved
котлов вячеслав
Век живи век учись!!! Многово не знаю.Осталось всего пол века учиться!!! Всем успехов.Привет из России!!!
محمد هاني
محمد هاني Před 7 dny
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אריאל עובד
אריאל עובד Před 12 dny
I hate it when the video is different then then the theme photo
Druri Před 12 dny
wall cladding with pieces of wood👇👇 cscamera.info/market/cY26isl5esq22mk/video
Елена Черемных
Инструментарий супер. Мастер тоже!
Swabri Anwar
Swabri Anwar Před 12 dny
humanity has come so far
shaxi making
shaxi making Před 12 dny
Please follow her channel for helping cscamera.info/market/qnCaj6d0ftayuoo/video
Travis Edwin
Travis Edwin Před 12 dny
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Inocencio Contreras
Inocencio Contreras Před 12 dny
Pdonde compro esas jurbias
Amelia monteza
Amelia monteza Před 12 dny
Jesús los ama de verdad y el ya viene busquenle
Helder Mendes
Helder Mendes Před 12 dny
Que canal de merda só posta contiudo de merda
Nita M
Nita M Před 12 dny
G Před 12 dny
I am so jealous. The workmanship is an inspiration.
sмαɪl αиɢєls †•
سبحان من يقل لشيء كن فـ يكون 🦋💙
Рафис Фахрутдинов
Спасибо здорово.
Red Snow
Red Snow Před 13 dny
Eww his nail 😑
Ислом Усто
Ислом Усто Před 13 dny
Super 👍
🌟Pozdrawiam 🌟
Angela J
Angela J Před 14 dny
Sorry but the music is annoying. Would rather hear just the wood working sounds
Ahmed waleed
Ahmed waleed Před 14 dny
Денис Холкин
Вот это классно, вот это круто, вот это я понимаю, мебель из массива дерева, а то в наших мебельных магазинах одно дерьмо из ДСП предлагают, да ещё так дорого. Я вот по телевизору на канале НТВ смотрел передачу Контрольная закупка, дак там сказали, что ДСП это поганое, выделяет ядовитые вещества там какие то, вроде бы Фениламин или какие-то ещё называется, не помню. А нам эту хрень, эту отраву всё впихивают и впихивают. Да пора уже закрывать все эти мебельные фабрики по производству ДСП, а нормальные мебельные фабрики, где делают мебель из дерева строить. Неужели люди не понимают, что мебель из дерева, экологически чистый продукт, а мебель из ДСП - сплошной ЯД. Спасибо Вам большое за Ваши видео, было очень интересно и приятно смотреть. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
B Lee
B Lee Před 14 dny
Amazing craftsmanship. Fun to watch.
Hiêm Bùi
Hiêm Bùi Před 14 dny
Waooo amezing
The Master
The Master Před 14 dny
7:10, using wood for the locking portion of the table is a terrible idea regardless of whether or not that’s a hardwood, if you try to move that table on anything other than a flat surface, such as having to bring up upstairs or over steps, you’ll have to lift up one side and as soon as you do the table will break in half because a 1cm thick, 2 cm deep piece of wood is the only thing holding it together. If the larger pieces were locked together then it’d be fine but none of the larger pieces are locked together, they’re only locked together by the smaller pieces in between, it may look pretty but that is the worst design I’ve ever seen for a joint like that, it puts literally all the stress on the single weakest and least durable part of the build, how can someone have the skill to make it all smooth and clean but have so little common sense that they think that’s a good idea
Sella Sella
Sella Sella Před 14 dny
the most satisfying video I've ever seen so far
Travis Edwin
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Funny Penalty Kicks #2
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