Amazing Repair of a Totally Destroyed Car 

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This team of Chinese expert car repair men are our focus this time. This team of professionals they are available to watch on their popular CScamera Channel “Mechanic Jack”. We explored their techniques and methods behind their incredibly successful repairs on car bodywork. Come with us to enjoy and appreciate this hard-working and talented repair team.

We hope you enjoy this review of Car Restoration!

Here you'll be able to find the tool by MWM shown in the thumbnail: www.mwmautomotive.com/en/mwm-...
The tool will appear in our next tools video!

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Mechanic Jack
CScamera: cscamera.info/wine/YoL.html...

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18. 02. 2021





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หรอมหลี มูเก็ม
Utha Před dnem
Excellent craftsmanship but in a western country, the labor costs would outweigh the cost of the car and hence make it unviable, particularly the first repair.
Thiago Ferreira
Thiago Ferreira Před dnem
Eles são fera mesmo.
HELÉBORO Před dnem
Enganação ! Dentro de 01 ano o carro estará tomado pela ferrugem de dentro pra fora !
세모 Před 2 dny
보기 좋네, 대충 타고 다녀
Jorge Alberto
Jorge Alberto Před 2 dny
Hahaha ! Muy buen video, pero esa reparación solo se puede hacer en paises donde hay esos repuestos
faisal yaqoob
faisal yaqoob Před 2 dny
Please make a detailed video on cabin sound proofing.
Brayson Demaggio
Brayson Demaggio Před 3 dny
Shit I thought that the first car was not fixable I want him in my body shop
5 Tamil
5 Tamil Před 4 dny
Cheapest car 🤦 Awasome workers 💞💞💞
Андро Белый
Пробовал сваривать металл в медицинской маске-результатов не вижу! ТБ на уровне!
moto fish
moto fish Před 4 dny
Why???? It was designed to disapate energy in a crash by sacrificing it's structural integrity to disapate energy over a larger area. Once it's structural integrity has been lost, all of the repairs in the world are not going to replace it. These repaired cars are junk and not as strong nor able to dissipate the energy as originally designed and are more brittle because of all of the manipulation to the metal. They need to be disposed of after structural integrity damage and not repaired! Don't accept this for your family nor anyone else. Thank the government for the safety and economy standards that have to be met. I will only drive something with a full frame under it. That crumple zone, shit box, death trap isn't going to save you in a big enough crash.....
Mancing Panas
Mancing Panas Před 5 dny
Kereen bos,,,, good...
jaybaek Před 5 dny
Paul Metzner
Paul Metzner Před 5 dny
How. Much this is case
Moisés Bessa
Moisés Bessa Před 5 dny
Excelente trabalho...
Damir Avezov
Damir Avezov Před 6 dny
Eevi Alasalmi
Eevi Alasalmi Před 6 dny
Omg what's happen to the cars omg cars is broken oh my goodness
Creo que cambian las piezas por nuevas no ? Es hojalatería de otro nivel
LB- Innovations
LB- Innovations Před 6 dny
Ever heard of safety glasses? lol..
Ian Miller
Ian Miller Před 6 dny
うまい 😊
Miftachurroyan Chanel
Habis berapa klau sampai kayak gitu
Luna 123
Luna 123 Před 7 dny
Bric-á-Brac DIY VIDEOS
It never happened...
Zzez Sdezg
Zzez Sdezg Před 7 dny
عندهم قطع غيار السيارات جاهزة الصنع مسبقا من المصدات لواجهة مرافق السيارة وعمل سرمكة إحترافي
Todd Před 7 dny
Fantastic work fellas!
Qasim Auto vlogs
Qasim Auto vlogs Před 9 dny
Your work amazing bro same my work my Chanal name Qasim auto vilog pl z subscribe n watch
hadj said youvef
hadj said youvef Před 10 dny
ياسلام ياسلام
Stefany Puma
Stefany Puma Před 10 dny
L a verdad Solo son Cambia PIEZAS asi cualquiera.
Pilot Ngalayang
Pilot Ngalayang Před 11 dny
Skill dewa
George Hart
George Hart Před 12 dny
Pretty sure most countries wouldn't allow this sort of repair on safety grounds. The forces that have gone through the frame and chassis will have done serious damage that wouldn't be fixable
Carlos L. Polanco Reyes.
Mis respetos son profesionales en su área automotriz, una terminación de primera calidad de fabrica; saludos desde REPÚBLICA DOMINICANA.💪💪💪💪💪
True Justice
True Justice Před 12 dny
That was some good work
Mutuma Charles
Mutuma Charles Před 13 dny
Mko yuu sana
Miguel Dorantes
Miguel Dorantes Před 13 dny
Chulada de trabajo, excelente, vídeo, very, Nice, how working hte Cars!! Excelent👍👍👍
VVV WSK Před 13 dny
обычные повреждения средней степени. на АБСОЛЮТНО РАЗБИТЫЕ ну никак не тянут..
Ah Chruy
Ah Chruy Před 14 dny
Putra Paninggaran
Putra Paninggaran Před 15 dny
Assalamualaikum From Indonesian 🇮🇩
Dizzy P
Dizzy P Před 15 dny
Que increible,quedo como nuevo. Me gustan estas reparaciones ,son como los llamados videos satisfactorios.😂👌👍👍
Matuma Moloto
Matuma Moloto Před 16 dny
Awesome skill! ... however what I hate about accident cars is that; as you drive and the wind hits, you'll hear a mysterious whistle... Lol
Назад в будущее СССР
Не бит, не крашен, ездила девушка ))) Макса Шелкова на вас не хватает!
Rovshen Ahmet
Rovshen Ahmet Před 17 dny
Nok su kao
村松ごりぽん Před 18 dny
中国の日産てディーラーでも面無し軍手溶接なんてさせてんの? スゲーな てか最初に引っ張ってたから神板金見せてくれるのかと思ったら交換でがっかりよw 確かだし悪くはないけどでもなんか 、、、ね。
sob Před 18 dny
Excellent repair. Can easily cheat people. Can sell expensively. `accident-free" Not safe for use. Only good to keep chicken outside of house
DAVID MARIN Před 18 dny
Yo nececito un ojalatero asi que belleza y admiraciin de trabajo
Paulo Ulisses
Paulo Ulisses Před 20 dny
Ótimo serviço!!
simon holmes
simon holmes Před 20 dny
The skills shown here by what look like very young men is amazing.
ربحي جبر
ربحي جبر Před 20 dny
ماشاء الله تبارك الرحمن تسلم ايدك تحياتي لك من فلسطين غزه
김미옥 Před 21 dnem
Андрей Труфанов
Почему бы и не делать, когда все для этого есть . Все в доступе ,у нас УАЗ на заводе хуже делают.
S S المقاومة الجنوبية تحرر المخا كاملا
في اي بلد هذه الورشة والمهندسين تحياتي
tubasa5chiba Před 21 dnem
5:33 八つ当たりしないで…笑
Cliff Roebuck
Cliff Roebuck Před 22 dny
No safety equipment at all
Joe Schlotthauer
Joe Schlotthauer Před 22 dny
What's the tool in the thumbnail, link anyone...
Carlo Peralta
Carlo Peralta Před 22 dny
Cuaquiera lo ase eso yo e reparado donde no ay repuestos ahora cambiando con nuevas cuaquiera lo ase aprendan a ser mas serios
Michel Arbelaez Arbelaes
Pregunta el arreglo de el primer auto por cuantos dólares salió
Phong Mek thanh
Phong Mek thanh Před 23 dny
Có tay nghề đó OK ..
Wound feelings
Wound feelings Před 23 dny
I wish they would be present in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Wound feelings
Wound feelings Před 23 dny
We want specialists like these heroes who master the work well
Inocente Lopez
Inocente Lopez Před 23 dny
Only in CHINA
Sidney Celso Amaral Gurgel
Será que esse JAPA não dá um jeito na minha perua ?
T1971 Před 24 dny
They put us Infidels to shame with their speed.
วินัย อิเล็กทรอนิกส์
Blade Blade
Blade Blade Před 24 dny
🇹🇷 ellerinize sağlık harika olmuş, sizi alkışlıyorum 👏👏
Алибек Канапин
А потом продают как новые в наши страны
柴田幸治郎 Před 24 dny
何で画面が半分なんだ!スマホの画面でも全画面に出来るだろ?車の修復の前に 画面の全面化の修復を!見ずらい!
Roberto Camacho Rivera
👍 ¡¡ BUEN TRABAJO !! 👍
y t
y t Před 24 dny
schoiu Před 24 dny
Wo ist die Schweißpaste😜
Garfield Robinson
Garfield Robinson Před 24 dny
These guys tuff would watch them All day
Ramon Mendez
Ramon Mendez Před 24 dny
Saludos para ustedes lo más importantes es la herramientas
Ramon Mendez
Ramon Mendez Před 24 dny
Hojala fuera así colombia.
Ramon Mendez
Ramon Mendez Před 24 dny
Amen para ustedes.
Ramon Mendez
Ramon Mendez Před 24 dny
Dios los me los bendiga a ustedes saludosa tu país .
Ramon Mendez
Ramon Mendez Před 24 dny
Estos personajes son unos genios que más quiere que le diga.mientrS unos de aquí puras águilas para el estómago gracias amigos de verdad se lo merecen.von inteligencia.
philip horner
philip horner Před 25 dny
Where are parts sourced? Other wrecked cars?
ابو ليث
ابو ليث Před 25 dny
ههههههههههاااااااااي هاذا اسمه غيار قطع ماشفتهم حددو. شيئ
Albert Orozco
Albert Orozco Před 25 dny
Should've just cut all that from the start. Why pull and hit with the hammer..oh wait..they need drama..
Leonardo Camargo
Leonardo Camargo Před 25 dny
0:17 just like in the sci-fi films, almost every country in the world united on a single purpose
Dedi Rose
Dedi Rose Před 26 dny
Rosk2 Detectors
Rosk2 Detectors Před 26 dny
Very good job
متيم M22
متيم M22 Před 26 dny
back home they do this easily and very cheap , unlike europe they send it to the recycle.
Gabriel RR Chua
Gabriel RR Chua Před 26 dny
Good job....
Muhammad Saeed
Muhammad Saeed Před 26 dny
Anyone tell me about the welding machine what is the price how its work
Рождённый в СССР
Я одного китайца увожаю и это саня..
Raja atiq
Raja atiq Před 26 dny
Bumper to bumper
MaGaReM PeReiRa
MaGaReM PeReiRa Před 26 dny
Aqui No Brasil Esse Serviço Custaria O Preço Do Carro...
EL Papi
EL Papi Před 27 dny
These fellows are EXPERTS for "SURE".👍
RJ jr
RJ jr Před 27 dny
My country this car cannot registered. Body already cut...
Salikin Salikin
Salikin Salikin Před 27 dny
TouqeerAbbas Official
Goood work bro
하비홀릭 ( Hobbyholic )
Wow !
Pedal Muih
Pedal Muih Před 27 dny
Like it...a fun this watching
shufflythedog Před 27 dny
This looks like excellent work, but honest question here - is a new car not cheaper than the repair? Where I live (British Columbia) the insurance company would just have opted for a replacement car.
Mine Craft
Mine Craft Před 28 dny
Good as new🔥
viviana castro duran
Nunca reparado solo compraron nuevo y ensamblaron
Kucing Hijau
Kucing Hijau Před 28 dny
Hebat. Repairnya makan waktu berapa lama itu?
Bruce Allen
Bruce Allen Před 28 dny
Guys, you got to wear a welders helmet.
Kris David Wijaya
Kris David Wijaya Před 29 dny
김창수 Před 29 dny
이야 기술좋다 저렇게 판넬만 따로파는구나....