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New inventions are how we progress and evolve through this day and age. We adapt to new situations by designing and producing things to help us a little along the way, or to fix a function or product that could be improved. Join us here at Quantum Tech HD today, as we show you a brilliant bunch of new inventions that will not only aid your everyday tasks but maybe revolutionize the way you are already doing something.

We hope you enjoy this review of New Inventions!

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12. 03. 2021





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Роман Котов
Роман Котов Před 8 hodinami
только мультитул с айфоном тупейшее изобретение, стопудово айфонщики придумали, чтоб телефоны быстрей разбивались и новые покупали))
Kyle Gray
Kyle Gray Před 12 hodinami
The unique perfume semiannually bless because menu disappointedly present minus a magenta bear. shrill, toothsome school
Scary 57VN
Scary 57VN Před dnem
Utilizar tu celular como herramienta de lejos es una buena opción v:
Arlequin Před 2 dny
Most of these are just trying to re-invent the wheel, especially the bicycle..
Patric J
Patric J Před 2 dny
What is the invention with the quadrant bike ring? It's a hoax.
Em Si
Em Si Před 4 dny
Все для людей
Richrd Lewis
Richrd Lewis Před 4 dny
The second one, shoveling one ton of sand in the desert heat. Ok then
Romas P
Romas P Před 5 dny
Представьте сколько железной стружки поналипнет на магнитные педали и обувь...
Al Gore
Al Gore Před 5 dny
The fact that you have to invent a little rubber band to stop you're earpods from falling out is testament to how shit a job apple did designing them
Carlo Emeric
Carlo Emeric Před 6 dny
Thanks to you all for your testimonies, it has helped me greatly I thought she was not real but I will now boldly testify ... her strategies is awesome
Liang Chien
Liang Chien Před 6 dny
Hello, how can I get started, I really want to invest
Lily Williams
Lily Williams Před 6 dny
I too, I collected a huge profit from her platform, I don't know how to thank Mrs Clara Austin for her wonderful support
Lucinda Hazon
Lucinda Hazon Před 6 dny
Mrs Clara Austin has been the only trustworthy account manager I have ever invested a huge amount of money and I got my profit in a space of one week
Mark Petrov
Mark Petrov Před 6 dny
her facebook user name below Mrs Clara Austin
Mark Petrov
Mark Petrov Před 6 dny
+ (1). (5). (0). (4). (4). (4). (5). (4). (8). (4). (7)
Shahid R
Shahid R Před 7 dny
RowerRowy - the bike stealer for the comfort thief in 2021. should have been named RobberyRowy
Искра Сами
Звено, зачем!??? Простой, самый!!! простой карабин, чем плох? Или, альпинисту, что на видео, охото таскать с собой кучу деталей, и наверняка он думает: "не взять ли мне кучу ключей и болтов с собой"...
carlos daniel Scala
carlos daniel Scala Před 10 dny
Molto bene grazie Evitaeterna.Grazieeeee.v
Parker Essential
Parker Essential Před 11 dny
The lazy cable nationally avoid because millennium intrestingly kill as a wistful cheese. enthusiastic, gifted sudan
Дункан маклауд
На колесо тоже звезду надо квадратную Тогда будет справедливо
Ooga Booga
Ooga Booga Před 12 dny
i have to agree with everyone else here.. pretty useless inventions
Statistics Discussion
The pretty romania ipsilaterally note because pepper statistically lick amongst a cold loss. gainful, handy david
Vickie Lawson
Vickie Lawson Před 17 dny
Refrigerator cameras? If you’re so lazy you can’t look in the refrigerator and make a list for the store, that’s just crazy.
Mattéo Padou
Mattéo Padou Před 18 dny
The physical pediatrician cytomorphologically plug because bolt successfully dislike mid a immense low. swift, nippy grip
JayRebel Před 18 dny
0:15, Brilliant idea! 1:06, don't be a crappy offroader like these wannabes and stick your 4x4 on a small hill. You realise that site was chosen specifically BECAUSE the hill wasn't steep. If it was you can see that thing would just rip out of the hole. As you can see it BARELY held to pull it up that CURB. 1:50, I'm a DH MTBer.......just no. Take that composite garbage pedal and jam it. 2:30, so instead of holding a small measuring tape up to the wall and using a marker, you hold the wood up to the wall and use a marker. What if you don't have or need pre-drilled holes? Yeah, it becomes completely useless. 3:01, Another Brilliant idea! 3:34, One more for the Brilliant idea file! 3:49, easy to fly it says!! They don't know how stupid most people are and how little hand/eye coordination they actually have. I bet 25% of owners crash it on day one. 4:26, promo video released on April Fools Day, can you guess why? 5:36, lawsuit waiting to happen. 5:51, how f*ckin' lazy do you have to be to not want to hold a book open while you read it? Get a grip. pfffff 6:32, just ride your MTB to the trail ffs. What are you gonna do when you get to the trail and find no bike racks to lock up bike #1? Stupid idea. 7:14, the most awkward looking piece of garbage multi tool I've ever seen. Stupid shape idea. They make these already in a Swiss Army Knife style kit. Much easier to handle as a tool. No that does NOT "fit in the palm of your hand". They even say that AS they show it taking up 3/4 of model's hand. 7:53, just write a f*ckin list. Sometimes old ways are just better. 8:28, moving robotic arm in a sock, yeah, soooo relaxing. pffff 3 for 14. Should have called this "Mostly crap with a few cool new inventions".
Сан Саныч
Сан Саныч Před 20 dny
почти все херня
time Traveler
time Traveler Před 21 dnem
There are some neat things on here.
Jon Smith
Jon Smith Před 22 dny
MOFLIN looks like a furry turd.
Jon Smith
Jon Smith Před 22 dny
What happens after they move the woman to the toilet? They left it on a cliffhanger!
Акталос Před 22 dny
купил беспроводные наушники, а теперь купи стринги для ушей чтоб не посеять их - во умора)))))))))))))))))))))))
Dagon Ming
Dagon Ming Před 23 dny
what kind of IDIOT thinks making a perfectly good concept like the ROUND chain wheel and make it SQUARE? these projects must have been a students last moment project exam
Sangki Han
Sangki Han Před 23 dny
자전거는 좀 그렇다 ㅋㅋ 네모보다는 둥근게낫다 ㅎㅎ
Eris Tets
Eris Tets Před 24 dny
What!!!!?????? Are those invention really necessary ???? I believe those invention are made during lockdown....
Jaime Monroig
Jaime Monroig Před 24 dny
The protective tire essentially strap because begonia fortuitously tease anenst a quirky sidewalk. telling, closed brake
musicgram08 Před 25 dny
Why can’t we just use regular rubber band with twist or two instead of Keepods gadget?
eddie_current Před 26 dny
Finally there is a way to be a bike courier in two different ways at the same time.
Tuxu HDS
Tuxu HDS Před 27 dny
These are the impractical ideas of sleep depraved design students. I should know, I've been one!
Drew Dog
Drew Dog Před 27 dny
Why country music
Quincy Lockett
Quincy Lockett Před 27 dny
I lost two earbuds already and the one I have now plays low 😭😭😭
Quincy Lockett
Quincy Lockett Před 27 dny
You wanna ski at home...try Socks on tile...👍🏿👍🏿
Steve Leggett
Steve Leggett Před 27 dny
Did not think the phone with tools was good. Just carry a Swiss army knife!
Александр Аболь
Стринги для ушей !??
winterborn117 Před 28 dny
Finally! an invention for me, a bike thief!
Meme Man
Meme Man Před 28 dny
The fridge eye is like putting a water level gage on a cup to see how much water is left, absolutely stupid
москаляку на гілляку
для дочки
cri cri
cri cri Před měsícem
Fridge eye is the is the pinnacle of our lazy society.
Zidane Tribal
Zidane Tribal Před měsícem
Одни идиоты: Мы придумали беспроводные наушники! Но теперь их надо заряжать, а когда аккумуляторы сдохнут, вам придётся купить новые наушники в пару сотен долларов, а ещё Вы их можете потерять в любой момент. Другие идиоты: О, нет проблем, мы наденем на Ваши уши резинки и к концу дня они просто оху@ют, а так же мы не гарантируем, что Вы не потеряете наушники.
S. Giles
S. Giles Před měsícem
I watched this video to find out what the advantage(s) of a square sprocket on a bicycle were. - I still don't know. None, maybe?
JayRebel Před 18 dny
The only advantage is that it weeds out the people that didn't know the promo video was released on April 1. Guess why.
WannaBe A panda
WannaBe A panda Před měsícem
fucking cringe ..
Kathryn McMullen
Kathryn McMullen Před měsícem
Square crank sprocket? Na, seems it bumps on the corners
Mechanic Před měsícem
That Molfin pet looks like my pecker when I don't spank it enough, and the hair grows back.
ammata thammavongsa
ammata thammavongsa Před měsícem
The alive gray phenotypically meddle because ornament jekely unpack around a dizzy fork. old-fashioned, acceptable november
Tyler Quadros
Tyler Quadros Před měsícem
The first one made no sense because it cand still slip out to the sides so im confused how they'd stop it and keep the tool completely structurally stable
JASON HAWKS Před 15 dny
Ever witnessed a chain in action? It doesn't go side to side. It is most often pulled in opposite directions. Leaving your argument invalid.
Fireguy97 Před měsícem
Yeah. That's exactly where I want my cell phone to be. Beside and cutting meat. So you might not get it wet, but grease and fat right there. Some people have way too much time on their hands.
Fireguy97 Před měsícem
Did anybody else think that a camera really wasn't needed. This woman had an empty fridge. She needed everything!
Jeremiah Mckenna
Jeremiah Mckenna Před měsícem
The only thing I could see as a useful item on this list was the book light.
ES Před měsícem
камера в холодильнике это полный пиздец!!!!!!!это же каким надо быть тупым!!!
Splag Yetsi
Splag Yetsi Před měsícem
Wow all those new inventions that I will never need.
DeathSleep Před 9 dny
Yes bet hard time selling any of those beyond a few hundred units that friends buy anyway
Alabastine Před měsícem
I would've liked to see an explanation of what the point or idea behind a quadrant ring.
Emo Filipof
Emo Filipof Před měsícem
Very clever invention.
Sasha Butorac
Sasha Butorac Před měsícem
What is the point od that quadrant ring for the bike?
Aankit Pandey
Aankit Pandey Před měsícem
Quadrant ring thing is beyond stupid. An engineers nightmare.
TV Europa
TV Europa Před měsícem
Paul Overstreet
Paul Overstreet Před měsícem
Emotional Support Pet??? Yeah, that's exactly what every snowflake college kid needs these days.
wanderer Před měsícem
Iphone multitool 😂😂😂😂
مروق وبس
مروق وبس Před měsícem
كبكبي 🤒🤕🤒🤕🤕
Bruce Cantrall
Bruce Cantrall Před měsícem
Hey what is the name of that mobility chair my mother's handicapped and could really use that specific chair
Ammo Alamo
Ammo Alamo Před měsícem
about minute 5:00 - 'Quadrant Rings' are old hat - I had similar Elliptical rings on a couple of bikes during the 80s. They were designed to apply more power during your strongest part of your stroke, and minimize effort during the rest of the rotation. They were never too popular because of the variable nature of effort required and the lack of a method to get a good steady high speed cadence.
Veisatar Před měsícem
Air pods, которые нужно пристёгивать резинкой? 🤦‍♂️ Срочно нужен "умный тёмный парень" с кучей наушников для андроид с держателями. Ну а насадка на велосипед, чтобы можно было пиздить другие велосипеды, даже с замком на переднем колесе, это я считаю Топ! 😁
Noah Singman
Noah Singman Před měsícem
5:24 So basically it's a bra for your airpods
Deden Fardenan
Deden Fardenan Před měsícem
6:26 I need this gadget...
uckBay Nguyen
uckBay Nguyen Před měsícem
The square chainring looks inefficient and not ideal for rocky outcropping
thefallinglink Před měsícem
7:39 yes, because I want to use my PHONE TO CUT MY STEAK
Åge Jepsen
Åge Jepsen Před měsícem
i never think we see a square blade on a bike with gear
MaxPhallus Před měsícem
4:29 has got to be the fucking stupidest idea ever to have existed. Make the wheels square while you're at it. Fuck me, I can only imagine the embarrassment of the machinist who had to make this thing to order. You can even see the speed cycles going fast when at a corner and slow when not. What a fucking moronic idea.
MaxPhallus Před měsícem
The Marxman marker is actually really useful. I remember seeing it on dragons den and thinking how useful it would be if you need to mark a hole way too deep for a pen/pencil. I've gone through two of them, and worth the money. It's not ink or anything, it's like a green dust that you can wipe away. The girlfriend was not happy when I used it in the bathroom on the white walls (and got a bit of spray outside the hole) but it just wipes off as it's a dry dust or something. Anyway, useful if you want to fix something which is bigger than you can get a pencil in. EDIT: Would CERTAINLY not use for use at 2:59 because it would spurt schmoo everywhere. Use a centre punch on metal.
Хз почему но я думаю что при квадратной шестерни у велосипеда будет спадать цепь, ну если поставить на скоростной велосипед то цепь можно быстро и без тяжести надеть, а если без скоростей, то будет больно
جديد التكنولوجيا
Rumpali Před měsícem
Bunch of bullshit!
Big Jumbo
Big Jumbo Před měsícem
The square crank. Why??(
Big Jumbo
Big Jumbo Před měsícem
That gripit pen was on dragons den. I remember it
saga vera
saga vera Před měsícem
it is pointless for industrial/commercial use and DIY, well, where is my fancy marker? WTH just give some pencil...
Trump, Donald
Trump, Donald Před měsícem
The biketow will be a great tool for every bike thief.
Kashi Viswanath NA
Kashi Viswanath NA Před měsícem
Everyone talking about something but not a single soul is concerned about a set of cameras for the fridge.
Alzack Před měsícem
I'd rather bringing Swiss kit around, really
Shu Meister
Shu Meister Před měsícem
Bottle openers almost becomes obsolete, once you master the lighter trick. You can use anything that catches the bottle cap as a leverage tool.
Shu Meister
Shu Meister Před měsícem
Magnetic pedal probably wouldn't work for rough mountain biking, and the square chain ring.... what's the advantage other than looking different? I'm a firm believer that inventions are best built by those that use it all the time, so that all the issues gets worked out, before they are sold in the market. Dyson despite making interesting vacuum cleaners they are much slow to switch from one function to another, compared to much simpler design by Miele. In other words, is not necessarily how much a product can do, but how well can it perform a task.
DIABLOCUSTOMS choker Před měsícem
Ahora Resulta que quieren reinventar la rueda🤔
Merl Ball
Merl Ball Před měsícem
I can't tell you how many times I wished I had a way to tow a bike with another bike.
D Redbud
D Redbud Před dnem
Bike thief?
Merl Ball
Merl Ball Před měsícem
You know what works better than a square sprocket? A round one. 🤯
MelvinMcFly Před měsícem
So, at 4:33 they basically just stole this video for theirs and did this like it’s a real product without realizing it’s a joke?
airbender except with bees
the little rubber thing that keeps your earbuds in place is ridiculous and it's still the most useful invention in the whole video
Jan Kindl
Jan Kindl Před měsícem
4:51 OMG why??? why should we?
101picofarad Před měsícem
Magnetic pedals - beat spd system ;l How in work in mood conditions?
JayRebel Před 18 dny
I've been riding downhill for over a decade. Nobody I've ever met or spoken with has EVER brought up this topic. Don't waste your time. Get traditional clips or just ride flats with a lot of pins. Straitline De Facto pedals have 14 pins on either side. I ride these, your foot does not shift......ever.
Chooka Parker TV
Chooka Parker TV Před měsícem
You do realise we're going to look back at these in the future and laugh!
Matthew Gioia
Matthew Gioia Před měsícem
Axela MPS
Axela MPS Před měsícem
That "next level" Quadrant Ring was an April fools. Jesus, a square cog? How stupid are people.
통솔 Před měsícem
모든 아이디어가 신선하고 아름답다.
Илья Кирилюк
Илья Кирилюк Před měsícem
Хуета какая-то
Некуда Сходить
Для чего нужна квадратная звезда на велосипеде? Что она даёт?
Rakedi 1337
Rakedi 1337 Před měsícem
musik are verry intensive dude
Кук Му
Кук Му Před měsícem
реальная поебень инкорпорейтед... квадратное колесо ведущей звездочки дает сильную пульсацию, что будет сильнее изнашивать цепь и давать пульсируючие ускорения... с таким же успехом можно использовать овальные звёзды, которые более обоснованы при силовом движении, однако пульсация усилия также будет иметь место быть...
Kirill Kirill
Kirill Kirill Před měsícem
Archer Berzins
Archer Berzins Před měsícem
My god I can’t fathom that people are gullible enough to believe a square chainring is an innovation. It was an April Fools joke!
Reggie Brown
Reggie Brown Před měsícem