Skillful Woman Builds Off-Grid Cabin That is Self-Powered 

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In this episode of Quantum Tech HD look at this amazing woman determined to have a sustainable, self-reliant life. Do you think you could live like this? What things do you do to help the environment? Leave your answers in the comments below.

We hope you enjoy this review of Ingenious Off-Grid Cabin!

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6. 05. 2021





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Đai Nam
Đai Nam Před 4 hodinami
Hi mình vietnammy
Tempo de Alegria Vovô Zete
Muito bom, ja deixei meu joinha, parabéns..
Tasripin 18
Tasripin 18 Před 6 hodinami
Nice skill
MUDHEX CHANNEL Před 8 hodinami
what is your instagram name??
MUDHEX CHANNEL Před 8 hodinami
is verry good 👍
Billy Damasceno Ferrera
Billy Damasceno Ferrera Před 10 hodinami
Mano infelizmente perdi a fé em acreditar em qq parada de chinês ...O macacão da mina não tem nem uma gota de suor durante toda a construção...
Tiago Boldt
Tiago Boldt Před 10 hodinami
Linda ela
Ivan Guerra
Ivan Guerra Před 12 hodinami
Delfino De los sontos
Delfino De los sontos Před 14 hodinami
Le sabes de todo
1728 BASS
1728 BASS Před 16 hodinami
It's very simple if you put your mind to it you can achieve anything
maribel martinez
maribel martinez Před 18 hodinami
Que vivan las mujeres 🧑 demostramos siempre que nada nos queda grande 👌💗💪💪💪💪🇨🇴🙏
Bartek Před 19 hodinami
Nicto Před 22 hodinami
Як щоб у мене така жінка булаб, яб мабуть ніколи не женивсяб )))
Manufui Productions
Manufui Productions Před 23 hodinami
richard martinez
richard martinez Před dnem
UNBELIEVABLE - this young woman's knowledge of recycling and basically making things out of nothing...
paulhan1000 Před dnem
I would like to marry you if i can. Where do you live? I am a handsome guy who is working as a lawyer for a living in the United States 🇺🇲
paulhan1000 Před dnem
I'm Korean American
kamel kamel
kamel kamel Před dnem
Philipp Peters
Philipp Peters Před dnem
Starke Frau 💪👍
T K Před dnem
Wow, she's Awesome! So skillful and talented. She's would be an Awesome wife. And so pretty too!
Yo de verdad ,la felicito 😍😘😘😘😘😘
steamsearcher Před dnem
IS SHE MARRIED? Asking for a friend of course. I am married to a wonderful Chinese Girl and they are incredibly practical. Lily helps out in our Workshop. Can also cook. Lovely and slim. And yes found my Cousin a Chinese Wife as well, Lots of love David and Lily England.
Hernan Giraldo
Hernan Giraldo Před dnem
Espectacular sin palabras como tiene de creatividad y desempeño apate de que eres muy bella te felicito desde Colombia 😘😘😘
耀宗張 Před dnem
David townsend
David townsend Před dnem
Never ever under estimate the power of a woman 👩
Luiz Braga
Luiz Braga Před 2 dny
Só du Brasil, tenho q glorifica a Deus, du podê dele na vida du cê humano, quanta emteligencia U senhor Jesus Cristo li deu menina q u espírito santo de de Deus,li ilumine sempre VC e toda sua família, q o senhor Jesus Cristo, faça flui de dentro de vossos corações, rios de águas vivas, amém fiquem todos na santa paz du senhor Jesus Cristo amém .
Faizal Yusuf
Faizal Yusuf Před 2 dny
Kamu cantik aku cinta kamu. Sedikit seperti kamu selamat
lugiasean19 Před 2 dny
Honey? Should we go to ikea for a new kitchen table tomorrow? Wife: Naw son! I got this. Next day: honey? Have you seen the front tires off my truck? They went missing. Wife: nope! Like our new kitchen table?
Jack Sprat
Jack Sprat Před 2 dny
Where is this woman at? I need a wife like this! I'm not kidding! I want a woman like this! Just like this! Please Jesus!
lugiasean19 Před 2 dny
Does she cook and do dishes too? Because if so I’m in love 😍 what a woman.
Es Huang
Es Huang Před 2 dny
Only cheap labor cost can do such things.
Florita Pfister
Florita Pfister Před 2 dny
With her skills and mind. She would be a great designer of building or anything really.
Florita Pfister
Florita Pfister Před 2 dny
I say WOW AND DOUBLE WOW!. SHES INCREDABLE. What talents.wish she would help me with. My cottage..
bell hyddy
bell hyddy Před 2 dny
cscamera.info/market/cXDAn9uJmJynqIY/video <不審者事案>立憲民主党の本多平直衆議院議員が「50歳が14歳との同意性交で捕まるのはおかしい」【愛知県】太った男性が下半身丸出しで、帰宅途中の女子高生に「一万円くれ」と声をかける事案が発生~ネットの反応「むしろお前が払えよ」「色々求めすぎw」「逆パパ活」
CompressWealthDivide EconomicProsperity
Hi Lin, I could help with more. You should see what I can do.
Talgat Abdigali
Talgat Abdigali Před 2 dny
я в нее влюбился
Lostsoul Před 3 dny
I’m depressed with her skills…
Tania Rosalyn
Tania Rosalyn Před 3 dny
alternative titles Engineer builds off- grid home, or Woman builds Off-grid home
Robert Fapswell
Robert Fapswell Před 3 dny
A real woman:)
Vladimir Kuzmenko
Vladimir Kuzmenko Před 3 dny
Настоящая жена!!!!!!
JAN BEJO Před 3 dny
Phạm Nguyễn
Phạm Nguyễn Před 3 dny
Căn ní nẻ chi na
world learn
world learn Před 3 dny
Sweet heart have alote of skills
Nida Chua
Nida Chua Před 3 dny
She live alone without a boy 😀
J OO Před 3 dny
Super vomen
우종석 Před 3 dny
태풍한번에 날아가겠다
Dave Moritz
Dave Moritz Před 3 dny
I am very impressed and she puts many average guys to shame! I worked at Lowes and Home Improvement and came across male customers that couldn't do the project this lady did!
Ana Paula Sales Freitas
Nós mulheres somos capaz de fazer qualquer coisa, parabéns às mulheres do mundo inteiro.
Jesus loves me& He made me whole!!!
She's awesome
JSBIRD69 Před 3 dny
Would someone please ask her if she's interested in an old American who didn't plan very well for retirement?!?
Araceli Garcia
Araceli Garcia Před 3 dny
Wow 😯. Increíble!! Muy bonita casa.!!
john fulco
john fulco Před 3 dny
Buenas manos mujer con talento y muy bonita esta chica no necesita profesor ella sola sabe que hacer una verdadera maravilla
Nanapzu Notaizai
Nanapzu Notaizai Před 3 dny
Yo en caso con la mujer del primer video
juliocesar5859 Před 4 dny
Parabéns talento muito gratificante feliz do homem que casa com mulher dessa .
이참회 Před 4 dny
중국내에서 돈버세요. 한국 무시나 하지를 말던가.
José De oliveira
José De oliveira Před 4 dny
Vc é genial amei seu trabalho,e vc 🇧🇷💋
Lilibeth Lugo
Lilibeth Lugo Před 4 dny
She’s awesome 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Maria Jaimes
Maria Jaimes Před 4 dny
Muy hermosa cabaña muy sabía felicitaciones
Awak Pening
Awak Pening Před 4 dny
GNWN 213
GNWN 213 Před 4 dny
Njamen disik mbak
MADENOF 348 Před 4 dny
она рембо во всем правду ласки ей тоже нужны
Arnett Thayer
Arnett Thayer Před 4 dny
idk if the rubber chair and table or the cabin was better! Her work looks flawless!
mima cuerquez
mima cuerquez Před 4 dny
Woww. .Amazing Woman
Richard Bell
Richard Bell Před 4 dny
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Asian people are freakin’ geniuses.
Roy Air
Roy Air Před 4 dny
I'd like to make you my daughter in law if you accept it.
Maigualida Cabello
Maigualida Cabello Před 4 dny
Desde Venezuela, impresionante, felicitaciones, eres increíblemente maravillosa, tu si eres la MUJER MARAVILLA ,
will engel
will engel Před 4 dny
she is Lin Guoer, 24, engineer in water conservancy and hydropower. China, China, China.
Amos Carmichael
Amos Carmichael Před 4 dny
Marvelous talent
Nataly Valdez Giron
Hermosa eres una super mujer mucgas bendiciones.
Music Is life
Music Is life Před 4 dny
Nothing I can say, just wow! Amazing talent!
Shawn Wolf
Shawn Wolf Před 4 dny
Анастасия Голубева
Модам Пушка
Dario Gomes
Dario Gomes Před 4 dny
Você é uma verdadeira guerreira
Dario Gomes
Dario Gomes Před 4 dny
Serviço perfeito essa sua construção
tini ezin
tini ezin Před 4 dny
tini ezin
tini ezin Před 4 dny
Ebiz Comii
Ebiz Comii Před 5 dny
rosa maria valle peñafiel
Capisima 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🥇
Year of the rooster H
And she is really good looking
Dẫn Đào
Dẫn Đào Před 5 dny
cô gái giỏi quá, khâm phục
Wanpail Panwong
Wanpail Panwong Před 5 dny
Júnior ESB
Júnior ESB Před 5 dny
This woman with a pressure cooker, a battery and some gasoline makes an atomic bomb.
New New
New New Před 5 dny
เธอเป็นผู้หญิงทีเก่งมากๆเลยนะคสับ แล้วแถมเธอยังได้มีความรู้ แล้วก็มีความในชำนานในการทำงานใน อาชีพนี้
Sutil T
Sutil T Před 5 dny
You all believe she did it alone? I don't. Asian tricks.
flavio chab
flavio chab Před 5 dny
Annette Arties
Annette Arties Před 5 dny
This is incredibly awesome. Glad she added doors to her space and a refrigerator. 😊😊
Emily Lotts
Emily Lotts Před 6 dny
Wat can I say, am just blown away by her talents
Bandara Mallawa
Bandara Mallawa Před 6 dny
Юра Лисулин
Во кому-то жена попадется!!!!
Shynar Před 6 dny
Умница, да женщины все могут если приспичит....
lakodr mengo
lakodr mengo Před 6 dny
Geeta negi
Geeta negi Před 6 dny
wooooooo great work
Abdul Hapis
Abdul Hapis Před 6 dny
Genius beauty,,,👍 Yes sss
Aditya Roy
Aditya Roy Před 6 dny
She's deserve 1 million like
sabo ady
sabo ady Před 6 dny
She got talent and creativity. Amazing woman!
Gg Gg
Gg Gg Před 6 dny
ยกของหนักมากระวังมดลูก หรือยกของหนักมาก เมื่ออายุมากจะปวดตามตัวค่ะ
cheolung Kwak
cheolung Kwak Před 6 dny
알터네이터 전원공급도 안하고 발전이 됨? 인버터 전원도 안켰는데 불 켜지누 ㅎㄷㄷㄷ 신기술인가
Everett Napihaa
Everett Napihaa Před 6 dny
Not even God can do this...just look around you!( I'm not a devil worshipper). Just love practical human can do solo engineering do with what you have...and arts and crafts? She is extra ordinary!
Rodro Melodies
Rodro Melodies Před 6 dny
Carlos Cacau
Carlos Cacau Před 6 dny
Sem discriminação, tem uma equipe si por trás.
Carlos Cacau
Carlos Cacau Před 6 dny
Me engana que eu gosto. Kkk
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